My name is Gal and I am a WordPress developer.
I’ve been working with WordPress since 2008.

I’m a programmer who loves UX. 

I have a BS.c in Information Systems and I’m  currently pursuing MS.c in Human–computer interaction.

This is my website and blog, here you can find tut’s, vid’s tips and tricks  about WordPress, PHP, Elementor, WooCommerce, and UX.

My Services:

Websites and Plugins

I'm a fullstack developer who specializes in WordPress and UX. I make websites that work and feel great.


Ever had a problem with your WP site and didn't know who to talk? whether it's a one-time thing or on monthly basis, I'd be happy to support any WordPress site.

Security and Maintenance

I provide a security and maintenance services that will secure your WP site and if your website already been hacked, I will clean it and secure it.

I also like:

Javascript & NodeJS

Other than PHP and WP, I enjoy developing projects using JavaScript and NodeJS

Games Development

I make video games as an hobby.
I use Unity and Game Maker Studio.
so far none of my games has been published.


Cats are amazing, I have two:
Coco and Princess Carolyn​

Latest Posts:

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